Introducing Jacqui

Jacqui exudes a positive energy and a love for life.  She inspires others and provides hope and possibility.  Having experienced her own share of life’s knocks, Jacqui has a down to earth attitude and a very “real”, grounded personality.  This, combined with her exceptional people skills, enables her to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, and allows the refreshing delivery of valuable personal development skills to all.

Jacqui brings a unique blend of talents, and a vast range of education and practical experience into every venture she gets involved with, including qualifications and experience in psychology, journalism, teaching, event management, personal and business coaching, publishing and various businesses.

She is driven by the desire to not only get the absolute most out of her own life, but also to inspire and support others to do the same – personally, in business and financially.

In addition, Jacqui is the only parent of a delightful little girl called Samantha, so she fully understands the juggling act of business and family!


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