Your Heart is a Powerhouse

March 22nd, 2010

When you live your life from your heart, you tap into a huge source of energy – energy that replenishes you, recharges you, and makes the work required to action tasks seem effortless.  In contrast, when you are living your life from your head, there is nothing to replenish you, and your energy is quickly drained, leaving you mentally fatigued, exhausted and often with a nasty headache!

This is the difference between feeling and thinking.  If you over think something, you can literally feel your brain whirring around in over drive.  Conversely, if you go with what you “feel” is right, decisions and a course of action come comparatively easily.  Put simply, brain power is limited, heart power is limitless.

Of course the head (mind and brain) has an important role to play.  It is useful for putting structures and plans in place to make things happen effectively.  The trick is to use it for its intended roles without letting it completely take over the show!

This is why you are much more likely to achieve goals you actually want to achieve, to be successful in a business you actually enjoy, to have a long lasting relationship with someone you really love.  This is why you hear stories of people beating incredible odds to achieve their dreams, of mothers lifting cars to save their children, people with no legs climbing Mt Everest.  The thing is you can pretty much have anything you really want.  Not because it just happens with the wave of a magic wand, but because if you really want it, your heart will unleash an amazing force of energy to help you do whatever needs to be done in order to make it happen.

So what you do really want for yourself?  What would you love to do this year?  Who would you love to be?  If you are truly honest with yourself and your heart is fully, 100% involved, then anything is possible.

© Jacqui Thomas, 2010.  All rights reserved