Kiwitax – Small Business and Property Investors Accounting & Tax Agents

May 17th, 2010

It’s that time of the year again and many friends and clients have been asking me lately if I can recommend any good accountants. As it happens, I definitely can. Whether you’re still trying to tidy up the accounts from the last financial year, or wanting to kick the new financial year off on the right foot, good accounting support is worth its weight in gold. If you’re a small business, self employed or a property investor, my pick is the team at Kiwitax.

Kiwitax delivers on everything you’d expect from a professional accounting team, and they specialise in the areas of small business and property investment. Essentially, they will ensure you are 100% compliant with the Inland Revenue, whilst also ensuring that you don’t pay a cent more tax than you need to. Because they specialise in small business and property investment accounting, you can be sure they really know their stuff in these areas, and more importantly, no matter how small your business, this is their niche, so you won’t get passed over for bigger business clients.

Kiwitax’s best feature in my opinion is their fee structure. Their rates are capped, based on the size and turnover of your business. These are listed on their website and can be confirmed before you commit to working with them, so you know what your costs will be upfront and ahead of time – no nasty surprises! And, talking with them is always free. So you can phone or email them anytime with questions, and you don’t get charged extra for this.

The world has become flat. The Kiwitax team is actually based in Hawke’s Bay. I have been using their services for my businesses for 6 years now, and I’ve never actually met them in person. However, they are always readily available by email or on the end of the phone, and, of course, they are always happy to see you, if you do happen to be local!

Accountants are not always known for their innovation, but the Kiwitax team likes to stay up with the play. As well as keeping abreast of legislative changes in the tax realm, they are also very much in the 21st Century in their application of available technology and software. They have a great website, with loads of useful information, and even Tweet, if you are that way inclined. They are certified Xero advisors and also use Banklink software and other, more traditional, accounting packages.

In a nutshell, the team at Kiwitax know their stuff, but that’s to be expected. The added benefits of working with Kiwitax are:

•  They’re friendly and accessible and don’t charge extra to answer your questions.

•  Their fees are set up front so you know exactly what their services are going to cost you – no nasty surprises!

•  They specialise in small business and property investors, so no matter how small your business is, you’re their important client.

For more information contact Kiwitax directly:

Free phone: 0508 KIWITAX (549-4829)