I’m Not A Politician, But…

April 13th, 2010

I know so many small businesses at the moment that are either going under or struggling to stay afloat (myself included) and it is not because they are not good operators or offering valuable products / services – it’s more to do with them being reliant on other small businesses as clients and getting caught up in a downward spiral.

These businesses are largely service type businesses such as media publications, business coaches / consultants, graphic designers, copywriters, web designers/ developers, etc.  At a time when businesses need to innovate, learn and grow, develop and try new strategies, promote themselves, advertise their goods and services, they are instead hunkering down because they can’t afford to spend in these areas.  Not only does this mean that businesses aren’t moving with the times, it also means that other small businesses that in turn are reliant on these businesses as clients, also slow down, and so on it goes.

A simple idea could be for government to introduce some kind of small business incentive / subsidy /grant that allows small businesses to spend on training and development  and /or marketing and promotion to drive their businesses forward, as long as they spend this money with other NZ businesses. 

I know it’s very trendy to look at bigger business and the ability to export out of New Zealand, but at the heart of New Zealand lies a helluva lot of talented individuals who are self employed or running small businesses.  That equates to a big waste of skills & experience when their businesses go under and they can’t find jobs, and a huge loss if they decide to go overseas because they can’t earn a living here.

I’m not a politician, or particularly a strategist, so I’m certainly not suggesting this would solve all the ills of the economy.  But, I do think this simple initiative could turn around a downward spiral that I am seeing every day.  Let’s get our talent moving forward again, in a positive way, that will benefit us all.

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