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Hi, I’m Jacqui.

I believe that life’s not meant to be just one long coping strategy – it can be as fantastic as you choose to make it.

Both in business and your personal life, I firmly believe the greatest rewards come when you decide to be 100% true to yourself, to be completely authentic in everything you do, and really live (and do business) your way.

My Bio
My Core Values



Friendly & approachable, Jacqui draws on a diverse background of both qualifications and business experience to assist business owners, and other motivated individuals, to turn their ideas into profitable realities.

With a belief that we should never stop learning and growing, Jacqui holds university degrees in both Psychology & Education, as well as qualifications in Journalism, Coaching, Real Estate Sales & Teaching English as a Second Language.

Over 20 years in business has seen Jacqui start and operate her own businesses in New Zealand, South Africa, London & South Korea in areas of event management, publishing, communications, real estate, as well as business coaching & consulting.

Jacqui is particularly passionate about inspiring & supporting individuals to create their own business realities: helping them to overcome the challenges and enable the wins.

She also researched and wrote Go Girl Go: Real Stories of NZ Women in Business, published in 2001. This featured a foreword written by then Prime Minister Helen Clark, and went on to become a best seller in New Zealand. These authentic stories still inspire business people today.

Whether you’re just getting started in business, looking for support to keep going, and/or grow, or navigating a complete overhaul of your life in general, Jacqui can help you to:

> Get clarity around your ideas / current position
> Formulate a plan for next steps
> Connect you to a vast range of assistance & resources available
> Support you to make it happen

For more info on my qualifications and experience, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.


my core values


Being completely authentic and true to myself is hugely important to me, and something I endeavour to also bring out in my clients.

My personal core values are also honoured through my work:



  • Active listening and motivational questioning for greater understanding and clarity

  • To share information, knowledge, inspiration and ideas

  • To utilise the media, technology and other partnerships to make information more easily accessible to a wide audience


  • The freedom to be who you want to be

  • The freedom to be true to yourself

  • The freedom to be the Real You

  • The freedom to make your own choices and decisions

  • The freedom to be your own Boss!


  • To keep learning and growing

  • To be aware and involved in your own personal development

  • To step out of your comfort zone and want more for yourself

  • Growing businesses

  • Growing people, teams, communities


  • Being the Real You

  • Reflecting your own personal style in everything you do

  • Endeavouring to keep it classy, and maintaining your integrity, no matter what is happening around you

What previous clients have said about me… 

Jacqui’s presentation was very professional. She was refreshing, inspirational and down to earth.
— Sam Cootes
Thank you for our session today, you do a great job at locating the facts amidst my rambling!
— Trina Moore
I got ideas, focus, feedback and clarity. Everything I needed was covered for starting my business.
— Janice Freeman

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