One hour Focus & Clarity session


This is great if…

  • You need help NOW!

  • You have a specific challenge or opportunity you want to work through.

  • You’re looking for an extra boost to get you charged up and firing on all cylinders again.

  • You’re at a crossroads, and seeking clarity in your next steps.

  • You want to sample working with me before you commit to a longer programme.

  • You’re in a different location / country and want to work with me on Skype or Zoom.

  • You’re in a different time zone and need to pick time slots that fit with your schedule.

  • You want the flexibility of booking sessions as and when you need them.

  • You want the budget friendly convenience of paying per session .


What you get:

  • A 1 hour, fully customised, coaching session with me, via Skype or Zoom

  • You decide what you want to work on in the session and what your objectives are, and that is what we will cover. 

  • You get an extra head (and heart) on your team, working with you on your priorities

  • A sounding board to bounce ideas around with, work through challenges, and explore options

  • Independent feedback, an objective viewpoint, a voice of reason

  • Input from my own knowledge and experience

  • Connections from my network where appropriate

  • You’ll finish with clarity and clear action steps of what you need to do next

  • Suitable for general life, business and leadership coaching

  • You’ll be amazed at how much we can cover in an hour


One hour Focus & Clarity Session


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