Designa Life – Your Life


I must admit I cringe a bit with the label “Life Coach”, so I try to avoid it wherever possible. But, I know that it’s not only Business Owners who want more out of their life and work.

Simply put, my Designa Life – Your Life packages are Professional / Personal Development sessions for Individuals. We focus on You- the Person, rather than on a Business.


The last 20+ years of working with people have shown me that most individuals want more or less of the same things: People often want More Time, More Love, More Money, More Fun, More Clarity, More Purpose. And they usually want Less Stress, Less Hassles, Less Frustration, Less Pressure.


Are you…

  • Feeling a bit stuck? Frustrated? Impatient? Discontent? Frazzled?

  • Wanting more of something, but not sure what it is, or how to get it?

  • At a crossroads, and weighing up what’s next for you?

  • Needing to take a big leap to achieve a gutsy goal and want some extra support?


Working with me will...

  • Help you get clarity about where you’re at now, and also where you want to be.

  • Help you develop a plan, with action steps of how to get there.

  • Provide help and support to make it happen.

  • Be an outside accountability factor to help you stick to the plan, and/or adjust it if necessary.

  • Make sure you celebrate the wins when you get there, and along the way!


choose designa life - your life

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Designa Life- Your Life is great if…

  • You’re stuck in your own head and want greater clarity and an action plan to get moving.

  • You know what you need to do but need some outside accountability to nudge you into gear.

  • You want more time, more money, more fun, more love, more purpose…. Or More (what is it for you?)

  • You want less stress & less hassles.

  • You want to learn tips, tricks and techniques to Design your Own Life, one that is perfect for YOU!

  • You want some help navigating your work life, so it works for you as well as your Boss.


This is probably NOT for you if:

  • You like to whinge and moan, but don’t really want to change anything.

  • You specifically want help with your business, and that is what you want to focus on. (You will probably find my From Go to Grow services a better fit).

  • You have an idea for a business and really want to focus on how to get started with that. (You will probably find my New Business Starter services more what you are looking for).


What you get….

  • An Objective Sounding Board

  • Wisdom & Intuition, balanced with Practical Knowledge & Experience

  • Clarity

  • Techniques, Suggestions & Life Hacks for making changes & moving forward

  • Inspiration, Motivation & Support

  • An Extra Head & Heart on your Team

What past Designa Life clients have said about working with me…

When I first got made redundant, I was gutted. Even though I wasn’t that happy with my job I was really worried about the money side of things. Working with Jacqui showed me that this could be a wonderful opportunity. She helped me to use this situation to my advantage and really maximise it as a positive turning point in getting what I want out of my life (once we worked out what that was!)
— Christine
Jacqui provided me with the tools I needed to reassess my priorities. She helped me to see that while I was going through the day to day processes, there might be more for me in really living my life. She helped me to see the bigger picture and refocus on what I really wanted to be spending my time doing. Her assistance has been invaluable. I have begun to make changes that will improve the way I live, increase my time with my family and give me a real passion for what I do.
— Meg
Having you as my coach has literally changed my life! I really value how you were able to assist me to clarify and focus on my goals. I was amazed that after 4 weeks I could mark ‘completed’ next to nearly all my goals. The skills you taught me I use in every aspect of my life, as a result I feel more empowered and focused. Thank you Jacqui
— Sandra

ready to jump in?

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DESigna LIFE coaching sessions & packages

If you are ready to jump in and get going, you might like to start with a One Hour Focus & Clarity session. Or, there are Multi Session packages available at a discounted rate.



One-Off Session

This is tailored to suit your needs and delivered via Skype.

Have a think about what you’d most like to get out of the hour with me and that is what we will focus on.

You will finish with clear Next Steps of what you need to do to get things moving.


Individual Focus & Clarity Session

One hour. Delivered via Skype or Zoom.




Multi-Session Packages

If you know you definitely want to create positive change and you want support through the process, you might like the added value of a Multi Session Package

Having multiple sessions means you have an ongoing support person on your team, and the accountability factor of an outside person checking in to see how you’re getting on (and, if you’re doing what you said you would do to instigate the desired change!)

Plus, you save some cash by buying a multiple session package – and we all love a good deal!


Designa Life - 3 Sessions

3 x One hour. Delivered via Skype or Zoom.

$595 (saving $230!)

Designa Life - 5 Sessions

5 x One hour. Delivered via Skype or Zoom.

$975 (saving $400!)

got questions? need more details?

You are welcome to contact me for a quick chat to see if this is right for you

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