From Go to Grow


Are you?

  • A Small Business Owner or Start-up Founder?

  • An Owner-Operator, Solopreneur, One Wo/Man Band?

  • Husband and Wife Partnership?

  • A Real Estate Agent or Commission Sales Contractor?


My ‘From Go to Grow’ services are 1:1, and customised to suit your needs, and your budget.


This is valuable for you if…

  • When it comes to your business, you’re It, and you want clarity to help you see the wood for the trees, fresh ideas, and an extra head / heart on your team

  • You’re stuck working “In” the business, and you want to work “On” the business

  • It’s time for a review of where your business is at, and to plan the next stage

  • You want some simple and effective marketing ideas

  • You want an objective outside perspective to help facilitate discussion and navigate different partner’s viewpoints


services offered

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Here are some of the popular choices:


Discovery & Clarity - Business Review Session

90 Minute Individual session to explore where you and your business are currently at, including current challenges & opportunities.

Includes a summary report with suggested action plan for Next Steps.

Session delivered via Skype or Zoom, or In Person by arrangement.


Customised Business Planning & Strategy Workshop – Half day / Full Day

Every now and then it’s great to have a more thorough review of where your business is at, and where you want to head with it.

This is a deeper dive into your business over a concentrated time period. I’ll work with you to get clear on where you are currently at, where you want to take the business, and help you develop a plan of how to get there.

We can also get deeper into any of the “How” detail, which lies between your current reality and your destination.

This can be delivered via Skype or Zoom, or In Person by arrangement.


Customised Individual Business Coaching Package

Clarity / Plan / Action / Support / Accountability / Celebrate!

3 months / 6 months

Sessions can be 1 hour or 90 minutes, depending on the nature of what we’re working on. We will agree the length and frequency of the sessions which will best meet your needs and customise the package to suit.

Coaching sessions are generally delivered via Skype or Zoom, or In Person by arrangement.


Customised Create your Marketing Strategy Workshop – Half day / Full day + Follow up Coaching session(s)

Perfect for people who aren’t natural marketers. A coach approach to help you get some actionable & effective marketing strategies in place.

This is hands on help using a Coach approach to help you create a Marketing Plan, and take action in the Marketing Department.


If this sounds like you, let’s have a quick chat and see how I can best help you with your business needs.


comments from past clients

Jacqui is great at just listening to you and really understanding your issues.

She’s gently supportive and encouraging and seems to be able to effortlessly pinpoint practical next steps to overcome your challenges.

And she does it with grace and humour, which is always a bonus!
— Kathryn McGarvey, Napier
In the time we worked with Jacqui we went from 0 clients to 27, we received an award of excellence for our product and became accredited as the industry standard in the UK. Our team operates more efficiently with clearer role definition and better communication. On a personal note I have also taken the skills learned with Jacqui and used them to improve my relationships with my partner, my family and friends. I would thoroughly recommend coaching with Jacqui to any new or existing business wanting to achieve success faster and, more importantly, sustainably.
— Tracey Shirtcliff, CEO, The Virtu Group, London.